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Google Play launches the Age based ratings.


The Google has on it way to work out the freewheeling Play Store and tightening its supervisions. They are in a plan to form a special team to actually screen off the new apps for sexually explicit and for malware material just to check the apply the age based rating system for the Google Play.

This change by the Google Play would wall for the bazaar for few digital games and for the social media apps and even for the entertainment software as well. Which is similar to the the App Store by the Apple Inc. It is to note that the Google is not adopting all the Apple practice’s which would only approve app’s that would meet the quality standards as such.


These changes would underscores the major porting of the apps that are with the success companies and also with the rival mobile gadgets. For all the smartphone the software that would run are the Google’s which would have the Android software and the iPhone iPod manage their own App Store which would have more that one million app’s which would include the range from video games to the health app’s.

The Google in an official statement on its blog on Tuesday said that the expert tea, would screen all the app one by one and submit them to developers to detect anything that runs afoul of the rules.


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