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Google rolls smart Wi-Fi router OnHub priced at $200

Google is expanding its horizon by bringing different products which together help in networking and connecting to internet. The company first introduced Google Chrome, the web browser that help connect to the internet and then brought Google Fiber for providing internet service. The company didn’t stop there and now it is ready with the new product and that is OnHub, the smart router. This new introduction from Google would probably revolutionize the router industry.Click Here for more Mobile Accessories.


Like all other Google offerings, OnHub is also very easy to install and manage. The users would love to use this router as it can be doubled up as smart home hub which automatically gets connected to all other smart devices and home accessories. The real smart thing about this router is that it automatically gets connected to all Android smartphone and also provides the details about the connection along with the speed details of each device.


The looks of this router are same as Amazon Echo and it has cylindrical tower type design which fits in very small area. The design and looks may be same as many other routers but from the functionality point of view it is different and has many distinguished features.

This router is given circular surface to penetrate the signal in all areas equally. It is compatible with 5 GHz Wi-Fi band and supports 802.11 ac Wi-Fi. The router detects the best broadband channel to work on and would also receive updates through software. It is also designed to handle firmware updates which are difficult for other routers to handle.

Other features of this cylindrical router include Bluetooth LE and Qualcomm chip. This new entrant to the internet family is already available for pre-ordering on most of the online portals that have partnered with Google for selling this new product.

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