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Google’s $100 Android One Smartphones in India!


Well, the news was out in the month of June probably! The new affordable Google’s Android One phones to tie up with all the domestic smartphone makers and produce a phone that is reasonable for all.

With affordability, the Android One will take into account an effective performance!

So, the latest update is that Google has already launched the Android One project with key domestic players like Micromax, Karbonn and Spice Mobile for $105 i.e Rs 6399! Now that is what is known as a smart move, a great strategy!


Android One will treat the above mentioned key players like a premium phone but with an affordable price. That was the entire purpose for the launch of the Android One project in a place like India where the smartphone market is still in its nascent stage! Only 10% of the population currently owns a smartphone, hence there is huge opportunity for growth! With many people still maintaining a feature phone, Google’s Android One expects to give the feel of a premium handset to all and sundry!

Now, the key online eCommerce companies are literally fighting for their chance to gain the exclusive right to Android One phones! The battle has already started…

Google’s Android One targets other developing market like Indonesia, Philippines and other South East Asian countries! If this clicks, then Samsung has a lot to worry about! 😉

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