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Google’s Right to be Forgotten!


While Europe is pressing for the “Right to be Forgotten” to go Global. The privacy decision is something that allows the individuals to ask the links that leads to the information about themselves to be removed from the Google’s search engine when searched. Is gaining popularity world wide after an official statement from the European officials released the guidelines last week, who demanded Google and others search sectors.


Isabelle Falque – Pierrotin, leads the French data protection and has campaigned for this rule to come, defended by the European efforts to force the search engines that apply to the search results out side Europe.


As of now, Google controls 80 percent of the search market in Europe, which removes links only from its local domains as Google.de in Germany, Google.fr in France. This allows individuals in both Europe and farther afield to keep aside the Europe’s privacy rules.

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Falque – Pierrotion, when asked about this issue, he said, “ For Google, the answer is world wide.. If people have the right to be delisted from search results, then that should happen world wide.”

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