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Got Microsoft Health on Your Wrist?

Published on November 5, 2014 by in Gadget Talk


Off-lately, Microsoft has entered into the much awaited space of wearables! Not just wearables, Smart Ones indeed! Although, it is considered a bit late into this segment but might do wonders with this sleek and tiny band around your wrist.

It is officially called the Microsoft Band that not only measures the calories that you have burnt but also the quality of sleep that you carry! So, let’s find out about the features of the band more vividly.


1.The display screen is kind of elongated and measures 11mm by 33mm and is enabled entirely through touch sensors.
2.It has 64 MB internal storage and a processor of ARM Cortex M4 MCU processor.
3.Anyone using it has the benefit of setting up texts, emails, calenders, alarm, incoming calls,etc.
4.The band has partnered with several Fitness Organization to sync its band properly.
5.If you have a Windows mobile 8.1, you can access Cortana that helps in taking voice notes and reminders!


The company has also launched a Health App called Microsoft Health, from where you can find accurate advice on your health. The Band is already available in USA, in the Microsoft stores and is priced at $199!


So, if you are in India and mesmerized by this piece of gadget, then your wait might end soon! Keep watching this space for more…

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