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How Apple Tests its iPhones? Find out Here…


In life, we all go through tests and examination, sometimes subjective and at other times objectives. Sometimes literally and at other times mechanically. But as humans we have also put through many technological inventions of ours under tests.

Like the Apple mobile phone tests, more popularly its latest phone, the iPhone 6 tests.


It was disclosed in the Wall Street Journal that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are the most tested of all iPhones ever! Let’s find out what do they actually go through:

Pressure Test– In this test, the iPhones are held by the edges and a vigorous force is applied to the center of the device to check whether the device can return to its original shape after being bent.
Sit Test– The owners are asked to sit on the device in three different stages and this test is conducted many a times to check its endurance.
Torsion Test– The iPhones, in this test are twisted and turned many a times to see its bending ability.
Three- point Bend Test- The iPhones again have to pass through this bending test when a 25 kg of weight is used on them. The same weight is lifted to see whether it returns to its original shape or not.
Users Test– Apple employees with the maximum use of the other iPhones are given a new iPhone sample to study its performance and efficiency.


Wow, that is something. Before you use an iPhone, remember that the mobile phone has been through rigorous tests to be what it is today!

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