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IFA 2014 Zooms in!

Published on September 6, 2014 by in Videos

As Berlin is gearing up for a show full of extravaganza and glitter, all the traders and have pulled in their energy and hopes onto their exclusive releases! Be it Apple products, LG, Samsung and many more smart companies.

But amidst such hustle-bustle, my mind finds it too zapping and confusing to be readying for the wide number of choices that the current market provides! I think what else can the tech companies think to make buyers like me to go bonkers! Where else is the better scope to scale in innovation for the product! Is it with better display, solid battery life, user friendly interface, another operating system, increasing the storage power, rebuilding a new sleek look, incorporating faster processors, slashing down the price or just sticking to the current innovations?

I, seriously have no clue but my motto was not to confuse you either! It was just to remind you that when you go bonkers over a product, don’t think precariously! Be wise and buy wise!

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