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Images leaked for new Nokia smartphone

A new entrant is found in the smartphone market on regular basis and now it is Nokia that is creating a buzz. The company has already started working on the new handset but the release is not planned in near future for sure. The phone that is not officially announced or nothing is revealed about its design, has some of its images leaked and the sources believe that this is the latest Nokia phone that company is working on. The images are leaked on China based news website that claims that this new Nokia phone would work on Android and will have 5 inch display with the resolution of 1080p.Click Here for more Nokia Accessories.


About the operating system, it is reported that this phone will run on Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system having Intel Atom Chipset. The phone which would be designed under the expert supervision of Nokia would probably not be manufactured by Nokia. The manufacturing of the phone would be designated to third party which would be licensed by Nokia to manufacture the phones under Nokia brand. The technology and design would be from Nokia and hence one can trust the quality of this new phone though it is manufactured by the third party.


The designing part may be over and the images leaked can also be from Nokia as depicted but still the new phone may not be out till 2016 as Nokia has signed the contract with Microsoft regarding that. The devices business of Nokia was taken over by Redmond last year but as per the contract which is also the part of the deal, the company can bring in new smartphone in the market only in 2016. So, till the contract term is over, Nokia fans need to wait for this new Android powered Nokia phone.

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