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Indian boy Sanmay ved owner of Google @ $12 for one minute

An Indian boy Sanmay Ved purchased and an ex-employee of Google website for just $12. He became the owner of this domain for almost one minute. On asking how he did this transaction Sanmay Ved said that he was awake till late night and was surfing internet in Google Domains, He found about Google website buying service and got to know that Google service is available for sale. As he already worked with Google Domain he used to surf its website normally, knowing that it is available he thought that it was an error and must check out. To check it he added the transaction to his shopping Cart but amazingly the transaction went through successfully.Click Here for amazing Mobile Accessories.


He started getting Emails from the company and received confirmed message that now he owns Google.com. He even got messages on the internal information of Google website. He told that he had an access to all the controls of webmaster for some time approx. one minute that he later informed to the Google security team.

After all this episode Google domain cancelled the sale and refunded $12 to Sanmay Ved which was charged to him on purchase.
According to Sanmay all this has happened may be because of bug in Google Domains or may be company failed to renew its Domain on time. He took screen shots and uploaded in his LinkedIn post. On informing Google security team about whole incident google has reverted back to Sanmay and they are investigating the whole incident.

Sanmay Ved worked for Google for five an half year and left his job to pursue his carrier in MBA.

He feels proud to announce that he owned Google Domain for at least one minute.

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