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IOS 9 from Apple getting public next month

The latest in Apple operating systems, IOS 9 is not very far from going public. There is lot of hype and speculation prevailing in this regards as Apple would not keep any stone unturned to include maximum experience for its users. The wait will end soon as the sources depict that this new IOS 9 will be put open for public by next month.Click Here for more Apple Accessories.
The new operating system from Apple is designed on the same lines as IOS 8 but there are certain additions too. The major addition for the Apple users would be multi-tasking. This feature would allow the user to see two different simultaneously on the screen and more importantly, working on both would be made possible. Yes, this feature would not excite the Android users as it is there from long in all Android phones and Samsung Note phones.


Though you won’t get much of excitement hearing the multi-tasking feature, Apple has more in store for technology lovers. This new system is capable of learning your browsing habits and would start prompting you about your next move or task after you use it for a week’s time. This way once you start using this new operating system, you will start liking it even more.

Apart from the above hi-tech features, the company has also put in special efforts to enhance the security of the phone. The access code which was till now allowed to be 4 digit long has now been made further stronger by allowing 6 digit code. You will find this new operating system more and more user friendly once you start using it. It has many features whose advantages can be known only with its use. If you have Apple device then you don’t have to wait for long!

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