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iPad Mini 3 might be the last of the lot!


There is some section of society that hardly cares about it, some that partially think it to be okay but there is this lot that might not breath a sigh of relief! Yes, such is the situation with the recent rumor of Apple unlikely to roll out its mini series anymore!

Some critics have evaluated the newly launched mini 3 to be just a caricature of the older version of mini 2 but other extremists fan of the iPad Mini, consider it yet another magic in the wonderland of Apple! If that is the case, then please expect few drops of tear to be shed here and there on the demise of the Mini Series!


There are also speculations about Apple not to have made too many changes to the iPad Mini 3 since it wanted to showcase another of its kind, probably the iPad Pro!

Whatever might be the case, rumors and iProducts are always in sync! While some might be not too emotional about it but there are some like me who would surely turn out to be a tear-jerker!


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