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iPad Mini 3- Will this tablet deliver?


The Apple website promotes as the iPad Mini 3 with Touch ID! Well, we shall know the best feature about iPad Mini 3 once we actually get on the review part of it! As of now, this tiny yet massively elegant piece of status junk looks good with the people promoting it! Turning passive towards this device is not our aim but giving you the accurate first detail is!


Google surprised with an Android Lollypop 5.0 and now Apple hits the chord with two major releases in India. With iPad Air 2 and with iPad Mini 3!

Getting our eyes onto the iPad Mini 3:

The most striking new feature is the Touch ID sensor, that makes a major difference between the iPad Mini and the iPad mini 3!

The second and probably the last striking difference is the gold skin that distinguishes the iPad Mini 3 with its predecessors!

Rest all the features are similar to the predecessor of an A7 chipset, an iOS 8 , 5 MP iSight Camera and 1.2MP face-time photo!


Let’s check out the price:

The Wi-Fi version:

For 16 GB- Rs 28,900
For 64 GB- Rs 35,900
For 128 GB- Rs 42,900

The Wi-Fi along with the Cellular version:

For 16 GB- Rs 38,900
For 64 GB- Rs 45,900
For 128 GB- Rs 52,900

That’s a lot of money! But we are sure, this Diwali, you are up for shopping! Let’s see how!

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