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iPhone- The loyal Phone!


Xola found the story of strangeness and goodness at the same time and grinned as the story ended. You guys might be pondering by now!

Well, it happened to farmer in Oklahoma, USA, some months ago! The farmer named Kevin Whitney adored his iPhone for many simple reasons. One of them being the priceless pictures of his family! One day, his iPhone somehow got embed into 140 tons of grains on his farm!

He thought he had his memorable images and the countless memories attached to it. But nothing can wipe off good fate and few righteous people.

He received a call that inquired about his lost iPhone! Not only did Whitney recovered his iPhone but had found all the memorable family pictures with no damage at all!

The iPhone had traveled to Japan, down the Mississippi, through the Panama Canal and into the mill in Kashima, Japan.

Xola’s judicious mind concludes that people are mostly generous in Japan and this unbelievable saga is almost true and also that Whitney was some kind of a lucky fellow! But this story also sends a reminder that not all iPhones might be this loyal! Back it up in cloud or back it up on your desktop as soon as you can!

From Xola on TechTalk. Stay Tuned!

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