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Is Android a favorite than iPhone 6? Find out more!


This seems to be like a never ending fan rivalry between iPhones and Android phones. The never ending war between Apple and Google or rather the ongoing war between two tech giants!

In a recent study in the country of USA, it was astonishingly found that the majority of the people think that Android phones are cooler than the much hyped iPhone. Although the sample size was not that of many thousand people but still it was a considerable number. In the soil of America, it is a bit strange that a group of people are not that bonkers over the class phone called as iPhone 6. Particularly after the demise of the great founder Steve Jobs, some have almost opted out of the brand.


It is not that happening as it used to be three years ago, said one of the people whose voice was counted in the survey. For many of them Android phones like that of Samsung does wonders and is immensely cooler than the niche brand Apple. They were also surveyed to name the hottest brand out of Hewlett Packard, Dell, Apple, Microsoft and Android and most of the voices swung in favor of Google’s Android!


Apple don’t get chills, in a business so competitive, loyalty and disloyalty are certain to happen.

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