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Is Samsung going big with its 18.4 inch tablet?

Though the company has not officially announced anything or nothing is apparently been published, the speculations are on about Samsung coming up with bigger tablet.The tablet sizes usually vary from small sized to big sized but have never been introduced with 18.4 inch screen till date. Samsung has introduced tablets like Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 and Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, which are bigger compared to the tablets available in the market but now as per the import record leaked recently, the company is testing 18.4 inch tablet which would be breakthrough introduction in tablet segment.Click Here for more Tablet Accessories.

What changes will it bring to the tablet segment is still uncertain but it would sure change the way people look at the tablets. Tablet with 18.4 inch display is surely not the portable one and goes very much against the basic idea of using the tablet, still experts believe that if Samsung successfully launches this tablet then it will remove the fine line between laptop and tablet. People usually prefer laptop to tablet because of large size display and convenient working option. The handy device would suddenly become huge and would be the perfect thing to use for commercial setups.

Experts believe that 8.4 inch tablet will enter completely different niche and would have good response if commercial setups accept it for their touch screen transaction setups. On personal front, using 18.4 inch tablet instead of laptop would surely not work out to be great idea. Still if the idea of bigger screen hits the users then it will get acceptance in the domestic usage as well.

The debate about the size has started already but company has just sent this tablet for testing to India and all we have is its import report, let’s see when the testing is finished and company comes up with the actual tablet.

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