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Is your Low Price smartphone really smart?

It has been the matter of continuous debate about how the price conquers the features or performance of any smartphone, tablet, or gadget. The market is full of options starting from the lowest rate phones to expensively priced full-featured smartphones. There are phones like Vertu Red Gold Black DLC priced at $37,470 in the market and on the other hand you have phones like Rook, priced at $78. So, what is the difference? Click Here for more Smart Phone Accessories.

There is the difference in memory, processor, camera, looks, and battery but all these things together don’t justify using any of these phones. The smartphone manufacturers have their own secrets that guide their costing.

Xiaomi works with fewer products and shorter life spans. The products are loaded with features and mostly undergo couple of price cuts and then are replaced with other new generation phones. The company usually keeps the shelf life of 18 to 24 months for its phone but penetrates the major portion of the market because of its pricing.They may offer their smartphones for cheap but are actually acting smart.
Picture2Another costing secret that can be viewed in these regards is of Apple. The company has never tried to win the market through price reductions and cheaper models. It has always kept the rates of its phones high and despite that, they have great profit earnings. This is because what they offer is convenience and experience. The company offers the unique iOS which can never be compared with Android even when Android phones are cheaper. The security is the key motto of Apple.

The cheap phones are never bad when they offer you great features but these phones would surely make you think twice before buying them as whether they are secured or not. Go for the cheaper smartphone only when it offers you the security that you badly need.

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