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It’s a new day! It’s a new Technology!

The study of Tech and its relatable studies cannot be undermined or ignored today!

While thinking about a fruitful heading for this article, I simply couldn’t access my brain to anything else but the catchword new to it!

It is so true that like a new day, new sunrise, there is always an innovation and development of another amazing, unbelievable technology. I can certainly refer myself and my contemporary generation to be borne at the brink of all technological advancements and experiments. Getting associated with technology in our mundane life is by far the brightest example of how we are used to it crazily. Be it at work, at home or at any other place, we tend to get associated with technology in some form or other.

It is needless to say what relevance the collection of tools and machineries have in our lives! I can just cheer for it and hope that it keeps upgrading and inventing!

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