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Kindle to launch the Voyage ebook in India!


An eCommerce site in India is to launch the Kindle Voyage ebook here in India. It is that this would only work with the Wi-Fi and so its just the Wi-Fi version of this new Kindle Voyage. This ebook was tagged at Rs. 16,499 and the Wi-Fi plus the 3G would come around Rs. 20,499. This ebook would apparently launch within a week.


An eCommerce website launched the Kindle Voyage in September of last year and it also did with the 7th generation of the kindle. This Voyage is the thinnest among all, till date. The new Voyage would come with 300 pixel per inch display and also has the highest resolution including the brightness and contrast.


This Voyage would have the new Ambient light sensor and it is used for the adjusting the brightness for the display. As of all the Kindles of 3G, it would also come with free 3G in about 100 countries around the world.


Stay tune to TechTalk for more on the actual details of Kindle Voyage ebook!

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