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Know what kind of smartphone user you are!

India is full of smartphones and there are different types of smartphone users too. All these users are almost glue to their handy devices and sometimes doing nothing but browsing through the apps. There are different patterns of usage and that can be the key point to distinguish amongst these smartphone users. Know your type from those mentioned here.Click Here for more Mobile Accessories.


Apps lover

These are the people above 18, who are single and settled in Metros. They love to try out different apps and keep on getting new games too. Their phones are usually high-end and data consumption is high. App lover population mostly comprises of males.


Avid social media follower

Social media, one of the all-time buzzling Medias has lot on offer for those who have lot of time during odd hours or that spend quite a sometime travelling but don’t have time to physically catch-up with friends. They spend about 2 hours daily on social media and mostly comprise of female population. The handset again is mid segment to high-end.


Talkers are just talkers and they don’t use any app or social media site. They keep on talking on their phone and have low data consumption. This type of users fall in age-group above 25 and mainly comprises of married females.

Information enthusiast

These are the males who have special inclination towards information gathering. These users make most out of their phones by getting news, information, and reading material online. These are middle aged men.

Game lover

Pure entertainment enthusiasts would use their mobile for gaming. They watch videos and load games for maximum fun. This group consists of all age groups starting from below 18 to seniors.

Just the phone owner

This group uses phone as necessity to communicate in emergencies. The low-end phone is used by this group and they don’t use data.

So, now you may know your group well and next time the question is popped about your smartphone usage type, you have the reply ready!

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