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LatestOne’s Weekend Dance Video Bash for You! Enjoy!

Published on August 23, 2014 by in Videos

LatestOne brings you this video bash for a happening and rocking weekend. We hope you enjoy it to the core!

It was way back in 2009 when suddenly a person started dancing in the middle of Liverpool Street Station suddenly. The audiences were as surprised as anybody watching a rainbow in the dark sky!

Gradually from one dancer, it became two, three and then many more followed! It seemed as if most of the commuters were all set to create a gregarious scene of dance and jive! The on-lookers were extremely thrilled. Some watching the flash mob and others matching steps with them!

Later, some 400 odd dancers dispersed casually as nothing had happened! They turned into commuters again!

The video was apparently found out to be an advertisement for T Mobile Company, siting the example of how dance brings vigor into life!

Stay tune to TechTalk and watch this Mind-Blowing Flash Mob Ad of T Mobile!

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