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Launch of Intex 5.1 Channel Speakers @ Rs.6600

Intex has recently upgraded the sound range of its speakers by Launching IT-6050SUF BT 5.1 speakers. This new speaker of Intex is expected to be priced at Rs.6600. The new set of IT-6050SUF speakers will be soon available for purchase with the company’s official distributers all over India. Click Here For Amazing Bluetooth Speakers.


This new addition in the speakers is expected to create a huge demand with its 5.1 channel feature. It is also equipped with the USB port and there is a SD card slot also available along with this gadget. The speakers carry an attractive and stylish appearance and have a latest design. They are also compatible with Bluetooth connectivity. They have built-in FM tuner and also supports DVD, PC, Television and is well compatible with AUX audio system.

The outer body of the speaker is made of wood and it also carries LED display. The range of Intex speakers is quite competitive in the market as it can be accessed from the range of 7 meters to 10 meters. With the excellent performance with (50W + 15W)/5 output power, these speakers are capable of creating a good market demand as the design is also sleek and compact and also has very light weight. All the functions of the speakers can be controlled with the remote control system provided with the speakers.They can be the ideal for both official and personal use.


Intex company has always strove to give best technological features in its products and always offered best competitive price. According to the statement of Ms. Nidhi Markanday, Business head, consumer durables & IT in Intex Technologies, the company has always attempted to provide best features in its products to satisfy customer’s needs. The newly launched speakers will provide best performance output and a style which will suit the taste of young generation.

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