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Launch of SanDisk 200 GB Wireless Flash Drive

A global leader in Flash storage, SanDisk Corporation, extended their mobile storage capacity in their most demanded Flash drives by upgrading them. SanDisk Connect, a wireless Stick, will now carry the storage 200 GB and the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 storage capacity has been extended up to 128 GB with the high transfer speed providing its users great opportunity to extend the storage capacity of their devices.Click Here for more Computer Accessories.


SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick has a Connect App. that manages the data between iPhone, iPad and other compatible devices. It also allows sharing of data on bigger display screens with the support of Air Play with Apple TV, Google chrome, Amazon Fire, iPhone 6s etc. SanDisk also saves Live photos from iPhone 6s and iPhone plus. The Connect app can be downloaded from App store, Google Play store and Amazon app store.

On the other hand, SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 provides better space to the OTG supported smartphones and also allows users to transfer photos and videos to other devices with ease. The bigger 128 GB storage provides larger space to store music, videos, Photos and data. San Disk has also enhanced the performance of its 3.0 USB connector device that runs on a speed of 150 MB/s to enable it to transfer files with great speed.


According to the Country Manager Rajesh Gupta India & Saarc, SanDisk, he stated that with the increasing need of advanced storage capacity of storing photos, videos, music etc. in the devices, the company is focusing on creating innovative gadgets that enable people to store their precious moments without any storage problems.

SanDisk’s latest upgraded device, SanDisk 200 GB wireless flash drive is available for purchase on company’s registered website on affordable price.

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