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Leaked Render of Xiaomi Mi 5s with Dual Camera Setup

Rumours were active in the past of Xiaomi working on the new model of Mi5. There reports also suggested that Xiaomi is planning to include dual camera set up in the new upcoming model. Now the rumours are confirmed by the leaked render of Xiaomi Mi 5s that shows dual camera set up.Click Here for More Xiaomi Accessories.

The leaked images of Xiaomi Mi 5s clearly shows that the new device is accompanied with the black colour variant that has enhanced the appearance of the Mi 5s. The basic design of the Mi 5s is almost same as Mi5 but the up graded version is the only difference between the two.


The rumours were also spread about Xiaomi getting dual camera set up modules from Samsung. The reports have also stated that the future models of Xiaomi will also carry dual camera set up feature.

It is also confirmed that company has included snapdragon 820 which is also supported by 6 GB RAM. The internal storage of the phone will carry 64 GB or 128 GB RAM that can be extended with the help of micro SD card. The phone is equipped with 5.5 inched display screen with HD display. The other additional feature will have Force Touch Technology that can judge touch based on the force of pressing it. Finger print scanner is also installed in this phone just as it is available in other Xiaomi phones. The leaked render also shows that the Mi 5s is having dual tone LED flash. It is expected that the installed camera in the phone will be of 12 mega pixels.


With the increasing popularity of the Xiaomi phones, the Xiaomi Mi 5s is much awaited phone in the tech market. Although the company has still not disclosed the exact price of the phone but it is expected that it will be priced approx. $300 to $400.

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