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Lenovo Vibe X2! Gear Up for the Colorful!


Lenovo is back, this time with the colors! The new Lenovo vibe X series is the company’s major product. The Lenovo X2 is tagged at 19,999. The previous phone of Lenovo was the Vibe Z2, which was a huge hit. It is all about the high-end phones, good display boards or the storage spaces that matters for a good smartphone. Lenovo has come up with few good features and with a less price.


While compared to the round corners of the Vibe X series, the Vibe X2 is more rectangular and flat with design.
Smaller yet thinner.
Termed as a layered smartphone, which has a three layered design with different colors and can be seen on the sides.
The vibe X2 has a 5inch full HD 1920×1080 display with 441 ppi.
Lenovo added a few good features to excite the selfie users. There is a timer mode like, tap, blink and a hand signal. Now click your selfies without having your picture blur!
Vibe X2 runs on Vibe UI Android 4.4 KitKat.
The phone storage offers 32GB space.
The camera is of 13MP and 5MP at the front.

With a 5MP at front, who would not like to click a selfie. Get ready to have a selfie with one of a kind phone with good features and a very good camera. It is available from Today!
What are you waiting for? Shop the new Vibe!


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