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Let’s Meet Asia’s Top Five Richest Men! Catch the Video!

Well in the movie The Social Network, there was a scene when the character of Justin Timberlake said, “A million dollars isn’t cool! You know what’s cool? A Billion Dollars!” Well this blog of mine might sound like that and make you a little inferior, a little jittery but friends let me introduce to you, Asia’s Five Most Richest Billionaires!

Sounds too Richie rich, well they truly are!

Number 1– Li Ka-Shing from Singapore is the most richest person in Asia. His networth is $31.2 billion! Apart from the realty business, he is also a philanthropist.

Number 2– With the recent IPO, this Ali Baba man has reached for the second position to be Asia’s richest! He is the founder of the Chinese eCommerce giant, Jack Ma and his networth is $26.5 billion!

Number 3– Lee Shau Kee is a Honk Kong realty businessman, carrying a networth of $25.1 billion!

Number 4– Our very own Indian business giant Mukesh Ambani has almost slipped from the top position over the years. His total networth is $23.2 billion dollars! He was Asia’s richest and World’s fifth richest businessman six years ago!

Number 5– Dilip Sanghvi, the promoter of Sun Pharmaceuticals, is the second Indian after Mukesh Ambani to hold the fifth position in the list of Asia’s top five wealthiest man! His networth is $18.1 billion dollars!


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