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Let’s WhatsApp India!!!


If I say that Indians are crazy for the mobile messenger, WhatsApp, I shall not be wrong! I am confident about saying that because there are almost 70 million users for WhatsApp in India! That can be counted around one-tenth of the population globally using that chat messenger! Whoa India! Unbelievable!


So, Facebook must be a very happy company since its acquisition of this mobile chat messenger was a supremely wise decision earlier this year! You can imagine the revenue that we give to them! Well with India, the trend is quite unpredictable. This mobile chat is a very in thing now, after Gtalk, FB chat and Yahoo!


Does WhatsApp need to think about its long time sustainability? Now its all bed of roses in the Indian market, but you never know when the trend changes, right? So, till that time India, let’s WhatsApp!

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