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LG Chemical brings in the first Hexagonal battery in the world

The Smartwatch industry will get more power and better designing convenience with one of its kind hexagonal battery introduced by LG Chemical. The company has already come up with new design and already shipped it to the global markets to bring in positive change to the smartwatch industry. The smartwatches till date were made available only in round shape due to the rectangular batteries available in the market and that was sheer waste of money and space. This problem is now tackled with the new hexagonal batteries.

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The round dial will have more space for hexagonal battery as compared to the regular rectangular battery. The company projects that the hexagonal battery will provide about 25% more power as compared to the rectangular batteries when fitted in the smartwatch. This means that the users won’t have to charge their watches frequently with this new battery.


These batteries which are said to be developed by LG in collaboration with other smartwatch company (name not stated by the company yet!) are manufactured in the company manufacturing facility located in Nanjing, China.

As stated by the company spokesperson Woo Byeong-min, “The development will help users have four hours more for their smart watch.” The technology has already been patented by LG and they call them “Free Form Batteries”. These batteries are said to be having manufactured with “Stack and Folding Technology” which have changed the smartwatch industry as a whole.
LG has been pioneer in many different battery technologies. The company is also planning to come up with the L shaped battery or the battery of rectangular shape with a hole in middle of the unit. The said research and various other research work lined up by LG will probably make the company be at top of the list of small sized battery suppliers by 2018.

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