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LG G6 May Ditch The Modular Design, Confirming Previous Reports!

The smartphones are attractive mainly due to their functionalities and this is the basic idea of general public in the present time. It is evident that the traditional smartphone designs will soon be back because LG is soon going to launch its new smartphone named G6 and it is the possibility that LG may completely ditch the modular design and use traditional smartphone designs instead. Old design support also means that the new release smartphone G6 will not be compatible for add-on modules either.Click Here For more LG Accessories.


There is a strong possibility that LG will soon introduce a complete new flagship smartphone which will be focused merely on the demand of its customers rather than risking the use of innovative features that might not be much suitable and use worthy for general customers. Although, a similar report includes that there is some concern at LG that canceling its modular strategy so soon could be a mix-up too. It is also the fact that the modules that were sold with the G5 will all of a sudden be outdated and will not of any use with the future releases of LG smartphones.

LG has yet to confirm or deny this new report (Although, it must be noticed that a LG representative recently claimed that LG G6 will be compliable and supportive for LG Friends), and as usual, unsubstantiated and unconfirmed stories like this will be taken with extra grain of salt.


All things considered, it sounds conceivable that LG is attempting to make its next leader smartphone with a more conventional plan, and move far from the still problematic and unproven modular idea. Lenovo has likewise grasped module accessories recently with its most recent Moto Z smartphones. However, it’s too soon to tell for sure if a successful endeavor for them or not.

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