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LG presents the Wireless Neck Band!


Their has been many innovations in the world of Tech in the past few years, and even the companies are investing more for the growing tech enthusiasts. One among them is the new LG Tone Infinim wireless wearable neckband. While describing its look, the sportive ergonomic design which would be very comfortable to wear.

Best in sound, for the sound quality LG has got Harman-Kardon to power the band which uses the Bluetooth to pair up with LG’s smartphones. The company has prized the wearable neck band at 10,990.


Its unique design which includes LG’s innovative retractable wire management technology, it has a metallic finish and has ergonomic curved design which would provide the best fit. The company said that it has a CD quality sound.

It has various functions like, SMS/SNS reply, current time alert, direct dial, speed dial, advanced vibration alert and favorite call. And few other features which only comes for G3, answer me+, Name alert and battery indicator.

LG Mobiles Marketing Head, Amit Gujral said, LG has finally introduced a unique sound experience to go with its premium smartphones, the untangles and unbelievable sound production that will sustain LG’s leading position in the market and consolidate its product leadership through differentiated design, sound quality and usability.


Love music on move? And hate to mess around the wires? You would like to have a look at this.

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