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LG’s Music Flow with Wi-Fi


The LG company launched its Music line, Music Flow Wi-Fi speakers just before the IFA 2014, and now, just before the CES 2015, it has reviled the new lineup, the Music Flow Wi-Fi series, which includes the company’s first ever battery-power Wi-Fi speakers. It is the Model H4 Portable.


The new LG speakers is designed and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The H4 portable is the LG’s first ever wireless speakers, that comes with a built-in battery for easy portability from one room to another room.


The H4 wireless speaker price and availability details would be announced at the CES 2015. The LG with the original lineup of Music flow speakers, H4 which is are the new speakers that is managed by the LG Music Flow Player app, would also helps the user to manage their complete digital music library.


This Music Flow app by LG also includes the Mood Station to provide the user with the recommendations or even the automatically creates the playlist, of the user choice. The Music Flow Player app gets the quick access through the Audio Streaming Services to the user Internet music or radio.


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