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Logitech’s Ultra Slim & Smart Keys-To-Go!!! Simply Amazing!

I was truly bowled over by the Logitech’s Keys-To-Go keyboard for iOS devices like iPad, Mac & Apple TV! The video will definitely show you the cool functionality of the keyboard. You’ll see how handy, happening and vibrant is the new, slim and ultra thin keyboard!


Not only that, the keys are carefully and very strategically placed beneath the protective sheath that is not only dust-proof but water-proof! So, even if you wrongly spill your juice or coffee, don’t worry, it’ll vanish with just an easy wipe! Isn’t that cool? I think that is Super-Cool and amazingly trendy!


The colors are available at very bright and attractive shades of blue, red and black. The best part about this keyboard is that it feels plain but looks absolutely chic! So, all those Apple users, here’s is an alternative for you and also a dash of color to match on! It is priced at $70.

Stay Tune to TechTalk and watch the Video!

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