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Love is now Virtual! Feel the touch with Freeble!

It is very famously said that everything is possible in love! Indeed now it is!

May be the way of possibility is slightly varied from the emotion carried in one’s heart but technology has yet again proved it that evolution can make things possible.

The scientists have invented an accessory named Freeble that lets you hold you hold your partner’s hand even if he or she is across the globe! How unbelievable is that! Unbelievable but that is the latest creation of mankind. Now, apart from seeing and talking on video chats, one can have the privilege of touching the partner!

Freeble can be used with video chat services like Skype and Google Hangouts. It was reported that the technology that they use in the accessory is a haptic technology that helps to mimic the sensation of someone giving you a consoling squeeze of the hand! It is done by using two pair of small devices!

It works when the Freeble is squeezed by one user, the corresponding user will get a pressure through the gadget at the back of their hand. There is a multicolor LED that will enable the connection status and also when a squeeze is waiting! Freeble will work with Google Chrome version 24 and Firefox version 16 or higher. It can be recharged by suing a Micro-USB cable.

The gadget is being put together by its entrepreneur Frederic Petrignani of Amsterdam! We can’t wait to be closer to our loved ones!

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