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Mate S from Huawei, introducing Force Touch much before Apple

Apple iPhone 6S, which is much talked about for its Force Touch technology has just been left behind in introducing this new technology and the company taken a step ahead of Apple is none other than Chinese company, Huawei that introduced this technology in its Mate S phone. This technology is not the only highlight of Huawei Mate S as there are many other features that stand exclusive for this phone.Click Here for more Huawei Accessories.


Talking about these exclusive features available on Huawei Mate S, it comes with hard pressing base that will bring up the multi-tasked apps and app shortcuts. The image on this phone offers better view as you can zoom only some particular portion of the image as required. The screen can also be used as weighing scale and it is some interesting feature in phone which we are talking about!


It comes with fingerprint sensor and you can scroll through the notifications by making a vertical slide across this sensor. That’s not all as if you horizontally slide across the sensor then you will be able to scroll through the images too, and the same sensor can be used to click the selfie as well.
This phone is loaded with features to stay ahead of others and the screen used in this phone is also designed differently. This phone is designed to be “knuckle-friendly” along with being “finger-friendly”. It has Knuckle Sense 2.0 which is featured for the very first time and it allows you to carry out various activities like cropping the picture, browsing through the windows and other such operations with your knuckle as well. So, now you don’t have to touch the screen anymore with dirty fingers.

This phone will bring Huawei in lead and help it compete with the smartphone giants for sure.

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