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Microsoft launches the tablet computer with Windows 8.1


On Tuesday, the Microsoft announced the launched of its new, low-cost version of the new Surface tablet computer. The company did cut down its screen size of that tablet. This new Surface tablet computer is tagged at $499.


This tablet computer by Microsoft Surface 3 would cost indeed less than that of the Surface Pro which was introduced last year and was tagged at $799 which was its starting price of that device. That was also the lightest and even thinnest surface, it weighs about 622 grams.


Well, getting back to the Microsoft Surface 3, it comes with a 10.8 inch HD display, which made it smaller that of the 12 inch screen. Looks like the Surface 3 is willing to compete Apple’s iPad Air. The Microsoft would also launch the Surface 3 with the 4G as well.


This new tablet computer has two storage variants, one with 64GB which has 2GB of RAM and the other having 128GB which has 4GB RAM. This also has a good full size of the USB 3.0, a microSD card slot and a Mini Display Port. This tablet can be replaced a laptop.


The Microsoft Surface 3 also has a one year free subscription for the Office 365 Personal which would include the complete version of the Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and OneNote.


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