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Microsoft Surface Phone giving attractive features

Microsoft is the world’s largest monopoly and is known for its drastic work environment and this actually makes it different. Well, the technology and the recent developments that are actually happening in Microsoft are considered as a boon to many countries. With the widespread usage of latest technology, people are getting more attracted to make themselves tech savvy. Only, Microsoft can make this happen. People have seen and also studied its working environment and how it has helped people grow. Well, that is surely a plus point for all the working professionals.Click here for more Microsoft Accessories.



There were rumors of the alleged Microsoft Surface Phone launching sometime in early 2017. This was updated by ‘Minimum hardware requirements’ page for Windows 10 Mobile. It also added details about having a compatibility with the MSM8998 system on the chip. But, this has been removed. Talking about, MSM8998, it is the technical name for the yet to be released Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipset which is expected to be made on the 10nm manufacturing process. Thus talking about the up gradation to the Snapdragon 820, it is actually expected to be compatible with 8GB of RAM according to a Forbes report. Before this, the reports were believed that there would be three Surface Phones targeting three different user groups – business users, consumers, and enthusiasts.

The pricing of this will be decided based addressing the higher end segment considering Surface Pro and Surface Book products will be traditionally targeted at the high-end segment.


Actually, there is no excitement on the Microsoft’s Lumia 950/950XL line of phones. This is because it had already launched the Lumia 650 for the Indian market. The windows 10 Mobile is still under the development and there are two major developments that are actually expected in the near future. Talking about Redstone 1, it has got the name Anniversary Update and then there is Redstone 2 which is scheduled for Spring 2017.

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