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Mind Blowing Knowledge Vault by Google!!!

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For machines and also for humans, the Google’s knowledge vault is the be all and end all of information!

The company is building a vault treasure full of knowledge that can be accessible for anything and anyone.

The knowledge base will gather and merge data from across the world wide web. The data will be all kinds of facts.

Till date the vault has gathered 1.6 billion facts, out of which 271 million are categorised as ‘confident facts.’ This means these facts have a 90% chance to be true.

Interestingly, the Knowledge Vault was started by using some algorithm that helped in automatically collecting information from the web. It later turned these rata data into usable pieces of knowledge!

Now, it has been heard that all the major technology giants are hell bend to built such vaults! We have to wait patiently and excitedly to see such pool of data being put in a vault called Knowledge!

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