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Mind Controlled Wheelchair developed by Scientists

For the disabled people scientists had designed a robotic wheelchair which is controlled by thoughts. This chair is working as blessings for the people who do not have control over their muscles and mobility.Click Here for more Smart Gadgets.


The research used the signals from large number of neurons and side by side in two sections of monkey brain that is used in movement and sensation of muscles. Scientists conducted some experiments on monkey brain where the animal thinks to reach the bowl of grapes, for this, the computer encodes the brain activity and signals and convert them in moving wheelchair towards grapes. As soon as monkeys become expert in moving wheelchair with only thoughts the scientists have develop more hopes and planned to make it for humans.

For some disabled people it is impossible for patients to even blink their eyes, as per Mr. Nicolelis the interface validates the ability of the disabled people who do not have proper control on their mobility and muscles due to diseases like quadriplegia or ALS. If the wheelchair is controlled by methods like EEG, then it is not sufficient. On the other hand, if someone has intra-cranial implant in the body then he will have better control over wheelchair as compared to other methods.

One of the Indian origin scientist Sankarnarayani Rajangam of Duke University had implanted micro filaments in the premotor and somato sensory section of the brain by two rthesus macaques. In Animals scientists have recorded bigger scale of electrical activity in the brain.


The experiments proved brains ability to integrate wheelchair’s spatial connection with the surrounded atmosphere. They are expecting to enhance their experiments for the benefit of humans by recording more neurons signals to increase the precision and reliability of primate BMI before experimenting it on humans.

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