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Mobile Phone Fell in Water ! How to fix a Water Damaged Phone !

World without a mobile phone is probably difficult to carry forward.

These days there is continuous downpour. If unfortunately, your mobile phone fell in water, what do you choose to do: Stop using your mobile phone, Give it for repair, Immediately follow some tips to make sure it works ?

Mobile Phone fell in water

Here is a brief list of some Do’s and Don’ts to save a mobile phone from water damage.


1)   Don’t press any button. This would only allow water penetrate into the device.

2)   Avoid applying heat as an option to dry your mobile. It includes using a hair dryer.
This may damage sensitive internal parts of mobile phone. Also, it may push water deep into  the device.


Never use hair dryer

3)  Better, place water damaged mobile phone in a fixed position. Moving water damaged Mobile phone means allowing penetrated water to           move inside the internal parts of phone, causing it to damage further.

4)  Don’t try to turn on the phone soon. It is always a good idea to switch on the phone after 24 hours to better the chances of its re-work.

5)  Avoid re-using a wet battery in an attempt to save money. A wet battery can do more damage  to your phone. It would be wise to use a                   different battery.


1)  The first step to take is to take out the phone from water.
Remove sim card(s), memory card, and battery

2)  Use a cloth or paper towel, carefully, for absorbing water and dry the phone.

Use the cloth to dry your phone

(3)  Insert sim card, memory card, and battery only after two days to increase the chances of Its re-work.  Switch on and check its functioning          by playing some games, listening to some music etc.,

(4)  If the phone is still unable to switch on then charge its battery and try again.

(5)  If everything else fails, take it to a professional for repair.

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