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Motorola phones will soon be available in retail stores of India

Motorola, which was till date available only online has now decided to go offline. The company is planning to sell its mobile phones through retail stores now. This move from the company may probably be inspired by Xiaomi that recently decided to sell its phone through retail stores across India. As per the reports by Economics Times, the company is planning to sell its phones to expand its market presence by making the phones available in retail market by making them available in brick-and-mortar stores that are different from the virtual market places been explored till date.Click Here for more Motorola Accessories.


Lenovo that owns Motorola Mobility initiated the selling of phone on Flipkart first to reach out to the online buyers and that strategy worked well with the smartphone buyers making this phone a big hit. Now, the company is planning to expand its market and widen its customer base by making their handsets available in retail stores.
The news are confirmed by Chen Xudong, Motorola Mobility Chairman. This move would definitely revolutionize the business for Motorola as it will now have widened customer base which was earlier not available online.


The smartphone buyers in India prefer to use the offline buying mode while looking for gadgets and devices. The reason for this is probably their wish to hold it and get the correct feel. Motorola might have thought of taking the advantage of this by establishing itself offline. Another reason for going offline could be Lenovo’s retail network which it has established over years. The company has also made another major move this month of supporting “Make in India” by announcing the phone manufacturing in the country.

Now, customers will find more options in retail stores as Xiaomi had already gone retail and Motorola has also taken the same course.

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