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Mozilla shifts Focus to IOT instead Development on Firefox OS

It has inveterate now that shortly there will be no demand for proposals for Android, Desktop and Tablet and Mozilla will also eliminate all applications that do not have Firefox OS. The company has planned not to emphasize any more on making smartphone operating system.Click Here for more Computer Accessories.


Mozilla’s technical department is continuously working on inventing its new progression of programs and its three products have already been successfully tested for the First stage and other products are also lined up for testing. In a Blog company states that they are expecting Sony Z3C Fox products more beneficial, but are still waiting for precise design for the new programs. These programs are named as Project Link, Project sensor web, project smart home and Project Vaani.

The Focus of the company while introducing new program is to divert their energy and resources in getting back the power of internet on the gadgets.

Project Link is a program which recognizes and gives pre-directions on how to interact with the devices all together. Project sensor Web makes it easy for the user to get open data with sensors. This data will provide better understanding with the environment. Project Smart home works as a mediator between the communication technique of connected devices and DIV solutions, it is cost effective and user friendly program. It helps to solve day today queries in a creative and easy manner.


Project Vaani is a creative program that provides voice interface to the devices in a personized and handy way.

According to the reports Mozilla is planning to install Firefox operating system to Firefox pad tablet, Firefox Pi desktop computer, Firefox Hub, Firefox Stick whereas earlier company has stated that the all four programs are only a notion of the Developers team of Mozilla.

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