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New Game introduced by Facebook in its Messenger

Again Facebook has come with the new Basketball Game for its Messenger users. As per Reuters, this game seems to be much appealing to the users as compared to the Chess game that came earlier. It is a secret mini game on the facebook Messenger service.Click Here for Amazing Mobile Accessories for your Mobiles.


This game can be unlocked by just sending one Emoji of basketball to a friend from the messenger list or to a group. This game is supported only in the latest version of Messenger application. For this the users have to update the application on their device or by installing the new app.

To score good points users have to just slide the screen and points can be earned for all the following baskets that a user net. The score of the game is shared on the Facebook group or in a chat window.

While playing the game when the points comes to 10 the object comes in motion and starts moving. The speed of the object increases with a great speed once the points touches 20 but Once the player reaches at 30 points the game becomes more difficult and challenging. The game is so appealing and thrilling that it can engage user for a long time. The extremely fascinating part of this game is, when the player misses the ball, an emoticon starts crying on the screen. Till now Facebook has not kept any score chart on the messenger app. So the players have to save screen image every time when they play the game.


Since now Facebook is considered to be the top rated messaging app for the smartphones. This time Facebook as come with an idea of keeping its users occupied on the Messenger for long time by introducing a new Basketball game. This game works as an addiction to the players.

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