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New Obsession of Pokémon GO on the go

A new edition in the gaming trend Pokémon GO has finally launched and is ruling other games as it has become a latest obsession for its games lovers. This game is available for download on the mobile apps. The demand for the new arrived game is so much that it is almost crashing the internet websites. Click Here for More Gaming Accessories.


It is highlighting on the top of the list of Apple’s App Store after only few days of launch that clearly proves its popularity among different aged viewers. Even the servers of Pokémon GO are been struck due to more and more people playing and connecting with the sites to have hands on the games. Worldwide the game has gained tremendous admiration. People are showing interest in the game not just because of the new gaming app, but for the obsession of the Pokémon factor.

On 12th May 2003, first ever Pokémon: Indigo League was showcased on the Toonami channel and in India it came in early 2011 on Cartoon Network Kids channel. In the past years Pokémon has won the heart of its fans. There was a huge gap of 6 years between the telecast of Pokémon in Japan first and then later in India. After its first launch there was a boom in the market for the Pokémon based products such as Cards, Stationary items, school bags etc.


People are so much obsessed with the Pokémon Go that they are spending most of their spare time playing the game and it is all because this game has more of applying tricks also which improves the thinking process. Followers no longer want a game like Nintendo, 3DS or a Game stimulator which consumes more pixels. This game also has some issues like space, battery consumption 3G, 4G data connection and it also puts lots of load on the phone.

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