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New Samsung Technology Assures Longer Battery Life

More features and faster processor means shorter battery life. Charging battery again and again is the main hassle faced by the Smartphone users. The larger apps, Wi-Fi, games, and Bluetooth together drain the phone battery in just few hours. Samsung has worked out an effective solution to this issue of dying battery faced by the users around the world. With this new Samsung technology, the Smartphone users may no longer struggle to charge their Smartphones in different ways.

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Samsung’s research center has started working towards the better battery and has already developed the battery with silicon anode. The lithium-ion battery has longer power capacity because of silicon anode that enhances the capacity of the battery. This battery also has graphene layer on the top which makes this newly developed battery about 1.5 times denser compared to the battery packs made available by other companies. The graphene layer makes the battery last longer due to its density.

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Sources from Samsung has revealed that the phones will last up to 21 hours with this new improved battery, which earlier lasted only for 12 hours with the current battery pack. The stronger processors being provided in every new phone further makes the battery vulnerable. Samsung’s new battery is not yet out and is still in research phase. Experts believe that this new improved battery would not be found in any of Samsung phones in near future but this research may surely help the future phones with the stronger battery that would remove all the charging hassles for sure.

Smartphone segment is waiting for this Samsung breakthrough eagerly as every new phone will use more power to make it quicker and better, so this improved battery will be the instant solution to all these power problems.

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