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New Selfie stick launched by Nikon for Coolpix cameras!


A new Selfie stick launched by Nikon and the company made it compatible with a new range of the Coolpix compact cameras. The new launched stick which is named as the N-MP001 which is a standard Nikon tagged, selfie stick which get attached to the cameras which are compatible with the tripod mount and which would let the user to conveniently take the pictures.


Nikon, the Japanese company it a statement said that its new selfie stick can be attached to many cameras which would come into the Coolpix range, which would be from 7.28 inches in the compact to 28.54 inches form when it is completely extended.


The new Nikon’s selfie stick would weight about 0.19 kg’s and it can handle camera’s which weigh up to 0.4kgs. At the bottom of the Nikon selfie stick is the foam type grip which would be easy to handle and comfortable for holding the stick.


This new selfie stick is actually easy to handle or to attach your cameras and posing it far from the normal arm length, you will have to use the self timer to click the photo apart from the wireless trigger.

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