Home Gadget Talk New Wireless Router TL-WR720N 802.11n from TP-Link Priced at Rs.735

New Wireless Router TL-WR720N 802.11n from TP-Link Priced at Rs.735

The new addition to the wireless router segment has now been launched by TP-Link under the name of TL-WR720N. This 802.11n wireless router is believed to offer 150Mbps speed with other connections of 802.11n wireless routers. This high-speed router has hit the market at amazing price of Rs.735.

The router that sports external antenna against the older internal antenna models would also support 4 SSIDs. This will allow the user to arrange for additional SSIDs for setting up the network for friends or guests. The best thing is that these additional SSIDs would be password protected and the users will not have to worry about the safety or performance, as mentioned by the company.



The channel conflicts will be no more there as this TP-Link router comes with Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) technology that would select only the clear channel.

What you can expect from this TL-WR720N router?


1. Wireless transmission rate of 150Mbps speed which would be the ideal rate for e-mail, surfing, and online chatting options.
2. Convenient wireless security encryption function that can be used at just click of a button.
3. Supports about 4 SSIDs with separate passwords and SSIDs for extra safety and performance.
4. Easy control of bandwidth allocation with the help of IP based bandwidth control. Administrator can allot the bandwidth as per the individual requirement.
5. Parental control which may help both parents and office administrator to restrict the surfing websites for children and staff respectively.
6. WDS wireless bridge to act as the bridge for expanding the wireless network.
7. 5dBi Fixed antenna with Omni Directional Design.
This TL-WR720N 820.11n wireless router is already available online at Rs.735 and those who want to have the best technology at great price can check it for sure!

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