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Noria: The right window AC that keeps you cool even in the hot summers

The summers are growing wilder day by day, creating a need for smarter and more efficient innovations to keep it cool this summer. Being one of the essential elements to beat the heat the need for the right AC definitely grows. New introduction in this line is the all new Noria- air conditioner created by a start-up that gives not only a sleek look but also the perfect air-conditioning with easy installation. Click here for USB fans.


The Noria air-conditioner deigned in a compact and sleek modelled form bears a dimensional measure of 5.8″x 18.25″x 5″ with a weight of 30 pounds. Easy to mount, it covers almost half portion of the traditional window AC. With an ease of window mounting and easy slide in or out it needs no special tools making the installation and removal process simple and non-problematic like many other ACs in the related category. The cooling capacity of a single unit of the air conditioner tends to cool single room of 160 square feet approx and double to around a 330 square feet room.


The device has a single knob based cooling functionality situated right at the front to control all the functions. There is an additional smart phone based app facilitation to control the device right from your smartphone via the Noria app.

The working strategy of the device is to blow cool air towards the room’s ceiling rather than a straight or parallel blow creating a convective cycle to ensure even cooling in the room.
As a Kick-starter project company has pledged for a $299 (Rs 20,000 approx.) sale per person to reach a target of $250,000 (Rs 1,65,00000). Attaining this target, the company plans to ship this revolutionary product to its first set of investors probably by March 2017.

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