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Now, Tweet Activity Analytics to iOS App!


The Twitter announced that it is expanding the Tweet Activity Dashboard analytics feature to Mobiles. On Monday, Twitter has introduced the View Tweet Activity option for iOS app users.


All the iOS users would get the Twitter update and the updated app would allow you to see the detailed analytics about their tweets. All the iOS twitter users can click on one of their tweets to get to the Tweet Details page and then can view by tapping the View Tweet Activity to see the details. There are no updates about the Tweet Activity Analytics update for the Android.


This announcement came on Monday by a tweet by Ian Chan from twitter, he tweets, “ Happy Holidays, We just launched the Mobile Tweet Analytics for iOS. Congrats to the Team.”


The micro blogging network, in August rolled out the Web version of Tweet Activity Dashboard to all its users. It was a feature that was previously only available fro Twitter Advertisers.


This Twitter update would help the users to engage with their tweets in real time, compare tweets and also the tweets trends. They can have a detailed view about their favorites and retweets and even replies.


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