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Now, Web Advertising Network in Hindi.


Earlier this week Google has announced that the Web Advertising Network, Mobile, Ad-sense would support Hindi from now. Hindi, which is considered as the most widely spoken languages in India, it is believed that is it a language that has over 500 million speakers across the world.


The search column, which makes a good portion of its revenue from ad sales, said in a blog post, The move would help the Ad-Sense platform support the “Wealth of quality of Hindi content.” which is currently available online.


The Production Sales Lead, Emanuele Brandi said on behalf of the Ad Sense Internationalization Team, said in a Blog Post, “ We are exciting to launch Ad Sense Hindi language support, on Sunday to help fuel even more quality content creation on the web, and to help advertisers connect with a rapid growing online audience.”


Emanuele, the Production Sales Lead, says the Hindi language based site webmaster that they would now be able to earn money by displaying the Google Ad-Sense in Hindi.


The Google in Hindi would be helpful for many, as they would be an addition for their revenue and would be more coinvent in reaching people in India.

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