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On Gandhi Jayanti, Let’s Remember All Freedom Fighters!

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There is always this quirky question on in my curious mind! I don’t want to be judgmental about it either. All I want is to share what has been loitering in my crazy yet sensitive heart!


Leadership is certainly essential for any team, I have no second thoughts about that. Neither do I carry anything harsh for people who have the guts for leading a team. Wait these were my generic opinion. On this occasion of Gandhiji’s birthday I don’t want to credit him alone for India’s freedom! I know there are many eyes that have almost popped out but those piercing eyes are not going to make me nervous or pretentious of a thing that I don’t believe in!


India’s Freedom Struggle was only lead by few but followed and fought by many! Many youths like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev sacrificed their life for the nation’s freedom. Leaders like Subhash Bose, Lokmanya Tilak and others shed their blood and gained freedom!


The concept of Swaraj or Self Rule was understood but Ahimsa was a bitter pill that was incessantly imposed on the many freedom fighters. I feel this is the occasion to frankly talk about it. To pretend is to go against today’s concept of Swaraj.


May Gandhiji’s Soul rest in peace but it was not only him that brought us Freedom! There were many lives involved.

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