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One plus 2 receives Oxygen OS 2.2.1 Update with RAW Camera Support

Famous Chinese smartphone company One plus updated Oxygen 2.2.1 in its One Plus 2 phones. The update is rolled out in different stages, as a result some of the customers have received updates and some are still waiting for it.Click Here for more OnePlus Accessories.


With the updates of Oxygen 2.2.1 the phone is getting new feature of RAW support to the Camera application. RAW feature has helped to minimize the processing of the captured picture and also does not even have to compress the file, but at the same time the file size had become heavier. Bluetooth, call roaming problems and the corrupt picture problems are also eliminated with the improved updates.

Updated version of Oxygen 2.2.1 has also come up with other features like: GMS 3 update, foreign language support, Security patch, bug fixing and improved Ultra SIM capacity. The One plus 2 phone will also have OS patches from Google. The One plus 2 Smartphone still has 5.1 lollipop even after updates and also Marshmallow 6.0 update will follow after some time.

To get the updates of Oxygen 2.2.1 the user has to go through the settings app and tap on the “About phone” and then tap on “system updates”, the updates will be ready to be downloaded but in some cases it can take some time as the OTA is rolled out slowly.


The company has announced earlier about the marshmallow updates coming by the end of first quarter of the year 2016 but now it can take a few days more.
One plus 2 is the inheritor of One plus phone and was launched last year, but was primarily available on invites but now this phone is available for open purchase on company’s registered online shopping website.

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